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To celebrate the launch of our product we have a special offer for you. This month you can exclusively order your Nova’s to try them yourself at home. What do you get with this special offer? We launched three flavors and you receive two Nova’s of each flavor. And all that for just €9,99!

Pop That Cherry:

After a long day of work you are tired but you still want to go to an exclusive bar. You take a shower and dress yourself smooth and sexy. At the bar you get a tasteful cocktail, it is the perfect combination of your mood and the way you are dressed. To your perfect combination we add the cherry, hibiscus, thyme and vanilla flavor. Best served with Sir Edmond gin and tonic.


The fire from your tongue is burning uncontrollably. Standing with your back against the wall. Striking back is bringing out the worst in me. I’m only human after all. And my favourite nightcap, after all this time, is still the cocktail of you. Nightcap. With hints of chamomile, lemon, honey and a bit of ginger. Best served with tequila and sparkling water.

Star Elixir:

You’re lying on the ground and watch the sky during the night. The sky is clear and all the stars are visible. You’ re smiling because you had an awesome day and thought your day couldn’t get any better. Then you see a falling star, it’s the most beautiful star you’ve ever seen, named Star Elixer. It tastes like passionfruit, pineapple, butterscotch and a hint of vanilla. Best served with vodka and sparkling water.


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