The product

What are the nutritional facts? (allergies)

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How many Supernova’s can I drink in one night?

  • Supernova is safe to drink all night. But if you add alcohol to the cocktail, you’ll have to drink and act responsable.

Where can I drink a Supernova?

  • You can drink your Supernova at a few of the selected bars in Amsterdam.

Does the Nova contain alcohol?

  • The Nova does not contain alcohol. It’s your own choice to drink you nova with soda only, or add a shot of alcohol.

What is the shelf life of a Nova?

  • You can safely drink your cocktail for 8 months after purchase.

Do I need to refrigerate the Supernova bomb?

  • You don’t have to put the Nova’s in the refrigerator, but if you like, you can. Just don’t freeze it, because the Nova will not work as good when frozen!

Orders & Returns

How can I track my order?

  • When you’ve bought a product from Supernova, you’ll recieve a tracking link through you’re e-mail.

How do I return a product?

  • To return a product, you’ll have to send the package to: (ADRES). Make sure to send your return in the original package, so we can see the order number on the box.

I want to cancel my order.

  • Unfortunately, you can’t cancel an order. Only orders in pre-sale can be canceled, before the launch. To cancel an order, contact us and let us know your order number.

The product I received was broken.

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Want to sell our product?

How can I place a large order for my business?

  • You can place a large order with this form. We’ll check it out and let you know when your request has been approved.

Do you offer a discount for company’s who place a large order? 

  • Yes.